Prints - 300gsm lustre

A2 print$60.00
A3 print$40.00
A4 print$25.00
13cm x 18cm print$7.00
10cm x 15cm print$3.00

Framed Art

A1 print$550.00
A2 print$350.00
A3 print$220.00
A4 print$120.00
50cm x 50cm torn edge circle print$800.00
40cm x 40cm torn edge circle print$550.00

Click here for examples of framing mock ups


A4 canvas$100.00
A3 canvas$150.00
A2 canvas$250.00
A1 canvas$350.00
A0 canvas$450.00

Extra Info:

All framed prints come with a 5cm matte unless specified. 
Frames come in a range of white/black/wood and either a narrow or wide frame.
Contact me to discuss framing options for gallery walls.
Postage is additional on all print and package orders.


Bulk Prints - 300gsm lustre

A2 prints - 3 for$150.00
A3 prints - 5 for$165.00
A4 prints - 10 for$200.00
13cm x 18cm prints - 10 for$50.00
10cm x 15cm prints - 10 for$25.00

Package One

Ten 10cm x 15cm prints

Five 13cm x 18cm prints

Five A4 prints

One A3 print

Package Price: $200

Package Two

Ten 13cm x 18cm prints

Five A4 prints

Three A3 prints

Package Price: $290

Package Three

Five 13cm x 18cm prints

Five A4 prints

Three A3 prints

One A2 print

Package Price: $320

Extra Info:

If I have photographed you, your private gallery has a shop attached to it.
If you are wanting outside work printed or framed contact me.
Postage is additional on all print and package orders.


Vision Art

Heirloom fine art albums

Size20 Spreads30 Spreads
8x8" square$1,200.00$1,400.00
10x10" square$1,600.00$1,800.00
12x12" square$1,800.00$2,000.00
8x10" horizontal$1,450.00$1,650.00
12x9" vertical$1,600.00$1,800.00
11x14" horizontal$2,000.00$2,200.00


Linen/velvet cover
One embossing area (up to 6x2")
Archival ink + art paper (incredible printing to last generations on 1.3mm matte paper)
Layflat (for seamless panoramic printing


Extra pages$40.00pp
Leather cover$200.00
Coated spill resistant paper$600.00
Extra embossing$100.00 per area
Protective slipcase$250.00
Photo cover/messenger/cameo$300.00


Additional images

from family, maternity and newborn sessions.

Individual files$60.00
5 files$250.00
10 files$400.00
All files from gallery$500.00

For equestrian event print prices click here

Photo printing nz Photo printing nz Photo printing nz

Contact Christine:


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